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This summer, you choose what will air on Enjoying Everyday Life. Vote from some of Joyce’s most popular weeks of programs.

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Joyce will be covering a new topic each week.

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Voting ends March 13th.

Focus on the Positive Things in Life

Joyce teaches on the importance of celebrating the good in our lives, not living in mourning for our problems.

The Wonderful Holy Spirit

On today's show, Joyce teaches about the importance of being led by the Holy Spirit and how that impacts our everyday lives.

You Can Begin Again

God loves new beginnings, fresh starts and second chances. Joyce teaches how God can bring that to your life today.

Living Courageously

God has something important for each of us to do, but we must live courageously in order to fulfill that destiny.

The Power of Contentment

Contentment doesn't mean you'll never want anything else. It means you can be satisfied when you're on your way to where you are going.

Nine Attitudes that Keep You Happy

Learning to wait patiently on God's blessings is a key component to maintaining our happiness.

It is Time for an Attitude Adjustment

A little adjustment to your attitude can make a big difference in your life.

Receiving Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is a journey. Joyce shares some of the scriptures that have encouraged her on her own journey of reconciliation.

Grief and Loneliness

Has the pain in your past become part of your identity? Learn how you can make a new start after suffering loss.

Fight Like a Christian

Joyce teaches that we need to be in touch with our feelings and own them, but deny them the right to control us.

Making God's Words Our Words

Joyce teaches how our words should be used to cover and heal others faults, not to expose them to judgment and condemnation.

Maintain a Good Attitude

Are you taking a "my way or the highway" approach to your day? If so, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, trust that God will hold you up no matter what happens.