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This summer, you choose what will air on Enjoying Everyday Life. Vote from some of Joyce’s most popular weeks of programs.

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Joyce will be covering a new topic each week.

All you have to do is vote for your three favorite weeks of programs, and then on June 2nd we’ll air the top six weeks as selected by viewers.

Voting ends March 13th.

Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits

Joyce speaks on how you can allow God to step in and help free you from your bad habits and help you cultivate and nurture your good ones..

Developing Power Thoughts Action Plan

Do you know that you have a choice about what you think? All this week Joyce provides a biblical action plan for taking control over your thought life.

Power Thoughts

Are you trapped in a downward spiral of negative thinking? This week, renew your mind with 12 key attitudes based in Scripture that can help you face challenges with confidence.

How to be Godly in an Ungodly World

Joyce and leadership expert John Maxwell share their top rules for living your best life and how your conscience plays into those rules.

I'm Okay & I'm on My Way

God never intended you to measure your self-worth by how you look and feel or by comparing yourself to others. It’s time to discover where your true value lies.

Battlefield of the Mind Action Plan

Joyce answers viewers' questions about how to win the Battle for the Mind.


Jesus said…"If you love me you will keep My commandments". Obedience is the key to unlocking God's power and joy in your life. Discover the importance of developing this godly discipline.

God Is Not Mad at You

When you feel God is angry with you, replace that with the faith that God is pleased with you, just because you are His child.

Fruit of the Spirit

As Christians, we aren't defined by the gifts God has given us, but rather the Fruits of the Spirit we display. Joyce explains the difference between the two and what scripture says about the character traits of every Believer.

Facing Fear and Finding Freedom

Continue pressing forward in what God has called you to do by learning how to conquer fear and find freedom in Christ.

Beauty for Ashes

This week, Joyce shares how God's allowed her to move beyond her own painful past and into the victory provided through Jesus Christ.

Encouraging Parents

Joyce and Dr. Linda Mintle start the week talking about the unique issues facing many parents and Joyce concludes by sharing the need to be thankful for what God has done in our lives.